Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is the type of injury is most common in athletes, especially football players. ACL injuries are injuries that become a nightmare for the football players. ACL injuries can cause a footballer rest for three months up to one year depending on response to therapy and treatment. Many professional football players who suffered an ACL injury. Some of them cannot return to their best performance after recovering from injury. This bring many football players losing their careers.

One example of a football player who suffered so much from this injury is Michael Owen. Michael Owen is a very famous football player in the era of 2000. The speed and agility of Michael Owen is the key of his brilliant career in football.

But all of them must be halted when he was got injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee, sustained in the first minute of the group match against Sweden at the 2006 FIFA World Cup, kept Owen out of regular football for nearly a year, until April 2007. But after that, Michael Owen can no longer go back to his best performance. He also had several times suffered a recurrence of  his ACL injury problem

Why ACL injury is very dangerous for footballers?

This injury requires a very long healing time, ranging from 3 months to one year depending on response to treatment. In this long span of time, the footballer had to rest his injured knee this from any movement. It automatically also to rest the whole physical football player because he cannot exercise if knee joints cannot moved.

Once a player is the ball is declared 100% heal from ACL injury, they are not directly allowed to play in their common league. They still have to undergo training for physical recovery. Physical recovery was not short-lived, soccer players must undergo a series of light exercises  until their trainer and doctor said that he is ready to perform harder exercise. After that he can play in an exhibition tournament before it can go into the real league.

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